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THERE can be more than a 15 degree Celsius difference in temperature between the fifth station and the peak of Mount Fuji.

On top of a long-sleeved t-shirt, climbers are advised to wear a warm fleece or sweater, in addition to a waterproof windbreaker to help protect themselves against the elements. (It can also be pretty windy at the peak).

Layered clothing is the secret with t-shirts, sweaters, heavy jackets and rain jackets since the weather can change quickly.

Lose-fitting long pants for easy movement are best. Clothing should not only dry easily but should also be easy to take on and off with the changing weather conditions on the mountain.

Climbers are advised to bring a plastic bag to keep their additional clothing dry as well as rain gear to protect the upper and lower body separately. Umbrellas are discouraged as they are dangerous on the mountain.

Trekking shoes or high-cut hiking boots to support your ankles are recommended for the pebbly surface.

Quick-drying underwear, a cap or hat and a map are important. There are no clouds on Mount Fuji to protect you from direct sunlight. And make sure the hat fits – so that it does not get blown away in the wind.

Other recommendations include:

  • A head lamp as it leaves both of your hands free.
  • A waterproof bag protects your belongings from the rain.
  • Waterproof gloves are helpful offering protection against the cold and the rain.
  • A hand towel to wipe sweat when you perspire as well as some extra clothes.