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Our recipients to date: Siviwe Mbele (left) and Sakhumzi Dukwe (right).


Thank you for supporting our students, these are their stories:


“Siviwe Mbele is a fighter. The 18-year-old lost her mother when she was in Grade 4 and her father has never been a part of her life. Raised by her grandmother in Alexandria, she attended Ukhanyo Secondary School, where she was one of a handful of pupils studying mathematics and science.  Despite not having a science teacher for most of her matric year, she passed the subject with marks high enough to qualify for university entrance. She was one of just six to pass maths – and she did so with distinction.” Siviwe used her talent in maths to help others. As she excelled personally, she often taught maths to her fellow classmates.

The Legacy Bursary has enabled Siviwe to study towards a Bachelor of Science in Information Systems at NMMU.  “It has been a great privilege being the first candidate of the bursary. This has given me more confidence of one's great ability to achieve irrespective of who you are, where you from and living under what circumstances.”  “One of my goals is to give back to my community through the experiences and opportunities I have been given.  I want learners to have access to computers and the internet, giving them the opportunity to become knowledgeable about careers that are available to them in the world today” 

Siviwe was honoured with the Top Academic Achiever Award and was a top three achiever in the Faculty of Sciences at NMMU last year (2015).

She achieved 6 distinctions in her exams in her second year (2015). 
She is currently studying as an undergraduate in her third year.

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Sakhumzi, originally from Queenstown, lives in Joe Slovo with his mother, a single parent. His father passed away when he was only six years old.  He excelled at school and his academic excellence and drive to succeed, caught the attention of a local development organization which enabled him to get a bursary to be schooled at Mghayi Senior Secondary School.  Sakhumzi has said that he always knew he wanted to study psychology at NMMU because he is passionate about people and their improvement. Despite the pressure to study engineering, he remained true to the career he knew he was destined to pursue. “My passion is people. I want to get an in-depth knowledge of people so that I can help them to empower themselves – to give them the resources to help themselves”.

Sakhumzi is an outspoken, humble young man, a natural leader with a genuine desire to help others.

Sakhumzi finds inspiration at home: “I am inspired by my mother, she is my role model, her hard work, passion for people, excellence and sacrifice shows me that with hard work and perseverance one can achieve anything.”  “We are truly grateful for this bursary that ensures we have a brighter future.”

Sakhumzi is studying a BA in Psychology (BA Psych) at NMMU and achieved 5 distinctions in his exams in his second year (2015).

He is currently studying as an undergraduate in his third year.

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With your help, these students are able to excel in their studies with moral, practical and financial support.  As their courses involve a three year undergraduate study, please be encouraged to pledge over a three year period to support them fully. 

We look forward to selecting a third student, and leaving a legacy for another individual’s potential, in the near future.