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Light a Candle, Ignite a career

The Bursary Legacy ‘Light a Candle’ Campaign is a community based, fundraising drive, aimed at creating educational opportunities for 10 deserving students, who would otherwise not have the resources to pursue tertiary studies.

A first of its kind at the university, the campaign will have a web-based platform and social media presence, where candle holders (donors), will be able to view the progress of the campaign, the student beneficiaries and offer career-related advice.The campaign will be owned by those who support it, our intention is that our community of donors will become part of the lives of these students, and that these students become pillars of inspiration in our province that lead the way to a new chapter for education. 

Individual Philanthropy is not simply a lifeless transaction that transfers money from one set of hands to another, it is an act of creation that gives form to humankind’s highest ideals”


Pledge R500 and Ignite a Career today.

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Please view our official campaign video on YOUTUBE.